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Endorphin Corporation has provided quality fitness and rehabilitation equipment for over 20 years. Our mission remains unchanged — to lead our industry with unparalleled products, warranties and customer service. In keeping with our reputation for innovation, our product line delivers cardio and strength training solutions built on a foundation of quality, functionality and adaptability.

Our products are sold worldwide within the rehabilitation and physical therapy industries, assisted living facilities, nursing homes, schools, universities as well as in wellness and fitness centers. Most of our product line features completely adaptable, wheelchair accessible fitness equipment that is ADA compliant . From our extensive line of pulleys to our innovative sit to stand exerciser, Endorphin products are quality made in the USA.


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Rehabilitation and Physical Therapy
Endorphin Corporation focuses on designing and manufacturing top quality rehabilitation and fitness products. For over 20 years, Endorphin has been in the business of providing quality, service and value to our customers. Our product line features items for for all levels of strength and fitness. From low resistance cycles, to speed pulleys, our line can satisfy the needs of your entire patient load.
Wheelchair Accessible Fitness
Wheelchair access and designing ADA complaint products has been a top priority of Endorphin since the beginning. Nearly every product in our line is wheelchair accessible and designed for dual access. Removable seats, hand cycle tables with specially designed bases and multi-gyms with pivoting seats are just a few of the quality features we include in our line so that accessibility is key.
Senior Fitness
Several products in Endorphin's line are geared specifically for the senior market. Many of our cardio and strength items are sold to nursing homes and assisted living facilities. Our E3 low-resistance cycle is a key item for the senior market offering all the features of our standard line with lower levels of resistance. Endorphin's 330 Sit to Stand Exerciser is another product designed for the older population having troubles standing up on their own. Our STS has proven to be one of our most popular products, gathering a lot of attention in physical therapy and rehabilitation media outlets.
Home Use
Several of Endorphin products are perfect for home use. Many of our customers love the Endorphin products they use in therapy and wish to continue their exercise routine at home. Our basic e1 cycle is moderately priced and ideal for home use. Our strength line is designed with a very small footprint making it easy to fit inside home doorways and openings.
Modular Product Line
Endorphin has several modular products in their line. Our entire cardio line is designed so that it can be upgraded with ease. The cardio modules are easily switched from a 300 hand cycle, to a 355 upper body cycle with stand or they can even be used to upgrade a 370 upper and lower body platform. Rehab centers love the ability to upgrade their Endorphin cardio products with such ease and very little expense. There is no waste and no products become obsolete. Also our 390 pulley line is modular so that our customer can design their own pulley, making it either wall mounted, free standing / mobile, single, double, tri or a quad station. Have the freedom to pick and choose the pulleys that best fit your needs with the exact size and configuration required.
Small Footprint
We design our product line to accommodate every size of facility. Our cardio line features choices offering the same functionality but varying sizes so that there is a product to fit even the tightest of spaces. Many of our strength products including our entire 390 pulley line, our Tri-Core Balance and Stabilization Multi-station and our STS Sit-to Stand Exerciser feature small footprints. Our Tri-Pulley for example allows three people to exercise in a 4 ft x 4 1/2 ft area of floor space.
Innovative Products - Made in the USA
Endorphin Corporation is known throughout the industry as one of the most innovative companies manufacturing physical therapy products. Our STS Sit to Stand is truly a unique product that has taken off in the rehabilitation, assisted living and senior fitness markets. Joined with our 325 Functional Pulley and our 355-e1 cycle with stand, the STS becomes our 3 in 1 340 Tri-Core Balance and Stabilization Multi-station, another innovative and very popular product that only Endorphin offers. The 340 Tri-Core has been the product of choice for therapists in all types of facilities. All Endorphin products are proudly USA made - right here in our facility in Florida.
Endorphin has been serving the corrections industry with top grade, correctional quality recreation products for over 20 years. Our popular 500C Muscle Master is the leading recreational product for correctional facilities. We manufacture this product to withstand constant use and to stand up to outdoor elements. We also offer our 500CFW free weight version of the Muscle Master. Both of these were designed specifically for the corrections industry with durability and safety as key elements.